First in Japan and Toyama! ? Lion Dance monitoring Tour participants also climax region (● ^ O ^ ●)


Cross-cultural traditional lion dance of Japan has entered!

In 41 households, population 100 people about a small village located in Himi, Toyama Prefecture, dance entered the foreigners of real lion dance Kaya! Watching the lion dance in various parts of Japan, but have heard the story that took part in the practice. Foreigners, were dancing into the lion dance of Kaya (body) is, maybe in Japan for the first time be! ? 160416_獅子舞山下(238)

Darian’s and Becca, who participated in this monitoring tour

Lion dance that was to experience in Hayagawa district last fall. Really great local resources. In Toyama Prefecture, there is a lion dance in various places, handed down the number of lion dance, Toyama Prefecture national first place! ! !

Home in, inviting the lion, seniors and parents and children of the Toyama prefecture residents that are completely unaware of the lion dance, and made a monitoring tour targeting foreign residents in Japan.

Lion dance is a ritual, something special for the people of the region. Initially, purchased a lion dance of the toy, but was scheduled to perform a lion dance entertainment, at aside Noriyuki stylish of Taniuchi area of human good offices, was held in a real lion dance.

160414_段ボール獅子舞 (3)圧縮

Lion of toys (you can buy in Himi Kojima cardboard)

How to sideshow lion dance, I newcomer of the blog author of one year into the Yachi region Noriyuki aside was able by a star-lion head of lion dance. Thanks to the kindness of the people of this region


Blog author wear a lion mask

Ask for the people overseas

 Lion dance is a sacred ritual. This time, in this way the lion dance was possible, because to participate in the practice of the author’s own daily lion dance, went to deepen the lion how crowd and friendship in the region.

Year-old has been taking, but the feeling is the same as the apprentice students.

Government and tourism association, etc. of the main tour, but there, the local people were voluntarily hospitality, Yachi I think is that it is the first time Noriyuki aside in Japan.

Blog author, we will make the countryside of experience tour that also put the sincerity now. To want to taste a lot of people a rustic countryside experience of Japan, I would like you to understand the civility of Japanese.


 Lion dance by the tourists and the author dance performance.

160416_獅子舞 (1178)圧縮

To open the home of the author, wild plants restaurant rural cuisine, hospitality in the fresh fish of Himi.


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